Here are your main stage Performers!

Aerial Hoop


Sheila Erdmann

Sheila is a screenwriter who trained in gymnastics and dance before  finding circus. She loves the variety, physical challenge, and creative  freedom circus provides, and has enjoyed the opportunity to perform at a  number of venues around Greater Vancouver. While she has tried (and  loved) most apparatuses, Sheila is currently obsessed with aerial hoop  and trapeze and addicted to handstands.



Kimberly Dioszeghy

Kimmie is a recreational-but-obsessed circus performer and instructor.  Growing up with no dance or gymnastics background, she has spent the  last 6 years making up for lost time. Kimmie recently discovered a love  for contortion, but her specialty is aerial silks, which she teaches at  West Coast Flying Trapeze.

Duo Juggling


Della Plaster & Wren Schultz

Wren and Della have literally been juggling together since the day they  met while on tour with a traveling vaudeville show. Based out of  Bellingham Washington, they take their unique style of entertainment to  shows, parties, corporate events, festivals, and more.

Static Trapeze


Kyra Klein

Kyra has 18 years experience as a competitive gymnast, aerial artist and  coach. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA in  Psychology and a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2015. Kyra works as a  physiotherapist and coach specializing in the treatment of gymnasts,  aerialist and dancers. She managed the competitive team at Phoenix  Gymnastics Centre in Edmonton before relocating to BC. Kyra now works as  a therapist at Pure Form Physio in Langley and coaches circus at West  Coast Flying Trapeze. In her free time, Kyra is a trapeze artist,  runner, yogi and aspiring rock climber.



Cindy Lan

Cindy was pursuing an engineering science degree at Simon Fraser  University when she got inspired by the gorgeous shapes formed with body  movement on aerial silks. In the summer of 2015, she started her circus  journey at the Vancouver Circus School. Her enthusiasm drove her to  continue in the realm of performance and entertainment.



Leyna Shnier

Leyna shnier started circus in 2005 in Winnipeg at Monica’s Danz Gym.  There, she learned silks, aerial hoop dance trapeze, handstands and  flexibility and performed with their acrobatic troupe, Momentum. Now she  works as a company member at the Underground Circus, were she has been  performing, training and honing her skills for the past few years. Leyna  also coaches aerials at CircusWest.

Ariel Hoop


Kelsey Boileau

Kelsey is an aerial coach from West Coast Flying Trapeze. She teaches  Intro to Aerial for all ages and love seeing able to see the joy that  circus brings into students' lives. When she is not flying around on a  hoop she can be found working in the field of Refrigeration.

Strap Loops


Victoria Liu

Victoria has been training circus just over a year. Although she is a  seasoned performing musician, this will be her first time performing on  aerial loops.

Cyr Wheel


Lia Paquin

Training in the Circus arts since the age of 5, Lia Paquin is one of the  few children lucky enough to run away and join The Circus! Her dream is  to travel the world performing unbelievable and death defying feats  while bringing joy to the audience at hand.

Dance Trapeze


Cat Maynard

Catherine started taking circus classes 5 years ago in 2014. What  started out as a mere interest has grown into a full blown passion and  after doing some exploring, Catherine decided she wanted to focus on  Aerials (silks/hoop/trapeze) and Ground (handstands/contortion). Her  ambition is to improve her skills to professional level so that she can  wow the audience whenever she performs.



Liesl Klaue

Liesl began her circus career as a trampolinist at Vancouver Circus  School in 2013. Every time she took a break, she reveled in the  opportunity to admire the aerialists. Four years later, she officially  made the switch and began training aerial silks herself - first one hour  a week, then two, until she found herself in the studio more days than  not! Now coaching and training at Acrofit Aerial Fitness, Liesl loves  being in the air and sharing that love with others. In her muggle life,  Liesl plans events at Trinity Western University and loves spending time  with family and friends, talking philosophy, and traveling.

Hula Hooping


Aimee Arsenault

Aimee Arsenault - AKA as Gypsym Rose has an affinity for all things  movement and play. It is uncertain how Aimee entered into the circus  world, but she hasn't been able to turn back since! AImee is delighted  to share her passion of hoop dance and performance with all you fine  circus folks!

Ariel Hoop


Crystal McCracken

Crystal is a Vancouver based aerialist  that has been studying aerial arts for 3 years. Her primary apparatus is  lyra but she also trains aerial sling and straps and looks to continue  to expand her scope of practice in the coming years.

Spanish Web


Amanda Cole

Amanda fell in love with Aerial Circus from her very first lesson, and  spend the next 8 years training and teaching aerial arts at various  schools around the world. Amanda specializes in Aerial Silks, Aerial  Hoop and Aerial Rope, and is currently a flying trapeze instructor at  West Coast Flying Trapeze.

Hula hooping/hand balancing

Renée Mak

Renée Mak is a mover, shaker and all around creative maker. A Vancouver  based circus and visual artist, she loves nothing more than the creation  process and to share her art whether it's circus or her illustrations.  She believes artists are put on this earth to create, inspire and  storytell and is honoured to be a part of this world.

Dance Trapeze


Nicole Fedoruk

Nicole grew up in the performing world, being on stage first as a  dancer, then an actor and now as a circus artist. Her main apparatuses  include Hoop, Trapeze (Dance and Static), Flying Trapeze, Silks, Aerial  Pole Silks, and Trampoline. Nicole has been teaching Aerials for 4 years  now at both Vancouver Circus School and now West Coast Flying Trapeze,  and loves when she is able to inspire others to love circus as much as  she does.



Maria Sample

Maria is a circus artist and coach based in Vancouver, BC. She trained  as a dancer initially and started performing from a young age. Maria  loves the creative challenge of integrating physical expression within  the constraints of whichever circus apparatus she's currently working  on. Maria specializes in aerial silks, but also performs aerial hoop,  dance, and acrobatics. Recently, she has performed for companies such as  Too Fly Productions (VAMP, Robin Hood), and The Underground Circus.  Maria also holds a Masters degree in Special Education, is a Board  Certified Behaviour Analyst, and runs an early intervention clinic for  young children with Autism by day.



Mackenzie Craddock

Mackenzie has been  practicing contortion and competitive dance for 14 years. She has a  passion for performing and for teaching the next generation  of circus performers, she coaches at West Coast Flying Trapeze. 

Yo Yo-ing

Nigel Wakita

Before Nigel Wakita, of the Vancouver Circus School, was known as the  "Man of Many". And before he became a unicycling and juggling addict, he  had a single passion, and that passion was yo-yoing. From an iron man  streak of unborken lonely Friday nights, he rose to become a Canadian  National Yo-Yo Champion. And what would drive a person to devote his  life to yo-yoing? Nigel, simply cites "Chicks, money, and power".